Mac OS X - recurring crash when idle with 12.2

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Dalej Offline
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Install from .dmg file of Frodo 12.2

hardware platform with uname -a and uname -m output.

Crash log from last crash.

To reproduce this, allow the Mac mini to sit with XBMC 12.2 idle at a menu with NFS mounts.
I usually just turn off the TV and sound system and let the Mac run when we are done watching.
All media is accessed via readonly NFS mounts from a linux server exporting ext4 file systems via NFS.
NFS mounts are "insecure" on the Mac.

I suspect this has something to do with the NFS mounts - I see in the log on the NFS server that the macmini address is constantly mounting and dismounting the volumes.
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Ned Scott Offline
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Off hand I don't know if this is known or what, but I would see if it still happens with the 12.3 test build:
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Memphiz Offline
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Has nothing to do with nfs but was Fixed in current Master by Jonathan (not sure if backported to 12.3 though)

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