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(Today 17:09)gferley Wrote:  Hi Rob et al.:

First off, thanks Rob and any others for a great addon. My question is related to Choppasmith's in that I too am specifying extras for specific TV episodes (Doctor Who comes to mind). I have everything working, including overlays in Confluence, running Gotham 13.2 against MySQL shared DB, but cannot get overlays on specific TV episode extras to display, nor even for those extras to show up when "browsing" extras. Season-level extras in their own directories work correctly as do movie extras both in separate directories and individually-tagged files. These "episode" extras do get scanned, and the "Extras" button does appear in the Info subpage, just no overlays in the season episode lists or entries in the addon extras browser. (The setting to force display of the extras button is not set).

Is this expected behavior? Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but I've been through all 50 forum pages while setting this up, and I don't think it has as I am experiencing it. I was about to investigate the code, but figure I should ask the question to save myself a possible headache if there is nothing that could be done. Cheers to anyone who responds.

Hi gferley,

Welcome to the forum!

The overlays will only go as far as the TV Show or Movie - it's not possible to do things at the episode layer. It was a lot of "hacking" to get it working for anything, so I don't thing I can get it to support just episodes.



Edit: And reading all 50 pages - that's quite something!

(2014-12-13 03:02)jmuck78 Wrote:  
(2014-12-12 17:57)rob_webset Wrote:  
(2014-12-11 23:22)jmuck78 Wrote:  OK, this is simple:
replace if sys.version_info < (2, 7)

with if sys.version_info < (2.7)

I tried that, and the issue resolves.

For this bit of code I have followed the recommendation at this location:

I am reluctant to change it unless Martijn is planning to change his recommendation for this.

If you wanted to chase this up with Martijn, then please feel free - I'll follow his lead on this one (After all he is far more knowledgable in this area than me!).



I don't disagree with the logic, but I think there is obviously a syntax error in there somewhere - as the current implementation generates an error message. You might ask Martijn if he meant for his recommended code to be followed to the letter (which I would note VideoExtras didn't do either), or if the logic is correct while the syntax may need to be corrected. I simply corrected the syntax.

I have been thinking about this one. I don't think using:

if sys.version_info < (2.7)

Is actually solving your problem, just hiding it, as it will force things down one route, meaning different json libraries are used. I think your main problem is that "simplejson" is not available on yopur system when it should be. I guess most people get it pulled in from elsewhere (other addons using it). It looks like it was missing from the VideoExtras addon.xml file, should be fixed under:


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