[WALLPAPER] HD Dark Ambient Xbox Media Center (XBMC) Wallpaper

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WMisiedjan Offline
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Ambient XBMC Wallpaper

Hello, I'm kind of new to the forums and I'm trying to contribute more to the whole XBMC scene because I'm a daily user.

Lately I've been designing a lot and and this is the result of a few hours work, this amazing idea popup into my head and I had to create.

I think it works pretty well and I think it is worth sharing.

Check it out on my DeviantArt profile right here.

[Image: dark_ambient_xbox_media_center__xbmc__wa...6vdjum.jpg]

Please share what you think, be honest!

You can download this wallpaper over at DeviantArt if you like it!
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WMisiedjan Offline
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BUMP - I would really appreciate your thoughts about this wallpaper!
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PatK Offline
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The artwork is great, always nice to see a fresh take on our favourite software. But don't stop there... there's artwork for genre backgrounds, box set artwork, and never enough creative ideas, so keep them coming. Themes will have everyone using your stuff, one offs not so much.

Most of the guys appreciate both 1280x720 and 1920x1080 sizes

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kristle Offline
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Nice wallpaper - thanks.
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vaan Offline
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ooooh it's nice. I like minimalist. I would use it for my home menu if you had matching backgrounds of the same thing but without the tv and text to use on everything except my home menu. Do you?

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