Mac OS X - Video bug

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I have 2 bugs to report, one rather new (as in the nightlies) and one somewhat old.

The fist bug, since the last 2-3 weeks of nightlies I have experienced stutter/dropped frames in videos. It dosen't matter if its HD mkvs or old SD xvid, nor does it matter if I'm using VDA och software decoding. I normally use software decoding due to the more advanced scaling algoritms so my log will show me using just that.

Normally my screen locks on to correct refresh rate after a few sec and stabilize on 23,98 (as close at perfect I can get), but nowadays it wobbles around slightly (not the whole time, but rather once every couple of minutes). This causes the picture to have a "hiccup", the sound is just fine (from what I can tell anyway). When I press "o", I see a lot of dropped frames (close to 200 for a 1 and half hour movie), and the counter keeps getting higher as the movie play on and the refresh rate wobbles and stutter subsequently occurs.

The log shows this I believe, look at line 2002. (I'm not smart enough to understand all that, but there seems to be less error lines in the log than there is stutter).

The second bug is an old "friend" and has nothing to do with the nightlies. For every 10 movies I start, it starts very very jerky with no sound. It is solves by stopping the movie, and start it again. In the log you see me start the same movie twice, the first attempt resulted in the above problem. I have no clue as to why this happens, I have all my files on a standard USB 3 external hard drive, nothing fancy, and I have been experiencing this for the better part of the year.[/align]

Here is my log

Having read a lot of comments I could not make out if this thread talks about the problem I have. If so, I apologize and you can delete my post.

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