Windows - Missing files, broken dependencies

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Hi all,

I've been a MediaPortal afficienado for years but thought I'd try XBMC as I've heard good things. One being that its so much easier to set up than mediaportal. .... something I don't believe at this point.

Trouble I'm having is that pretty much everything fails.
Using Windows 8.1, Frodo. (last week build/download)

Basic install works ok. I can play my movies, series etc. but Addons are a whole new ball game.

Tried several Skins and all have missing files and so fail. Tried using Fusion to install through. Downloaded the zip and tried that, most files are missing dependencies, fail to install or are Broken when they do appear.

Managed to get a couple of addons working : Nav-x ...but half the channels don't play, says its working but does nothing or just freezes and requires restarting.

I get the impression that repositories, channels, links etc are very erratic and will work one day but be gone the next. Is this the case? Is that why my installs are failing - servers down etc?
I can't tell whether my addons are failing due to server being down or whether its just not working. Very frustrating.

In it me? Frodo? Win 8.1? servers? or what.

Any help appreciated.
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I have only put on a few add- ons and they seem to work ok in XBMC, and even with fixes channels can be erratic in appearance. I have recently started to flirt with Mediaportal and is in comparison more complicated to set up, while XBMC was a breeze. I still trying to workout how to have my music show up as folders in Mediaportal, where XBMC I just entered the path and it did it exactly how I wanted it.
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Quote:Tried using Fusion to install through

That's your first error. Don't use that shit. Regarding specific add-ons, then you may have luck or you may not. We (XBMC) don't develop them, and many of the add-ons are reliant on websites staying the same - small change in website can lead to add-on breakage.

Other than that, there's currently issues with our main server, which serves up mirrorbrain (thus handles redirections for add-on installation). If there's an issue there they get served from our server, which quickly gets swamped by millions of people updating add-ons....

We're working on it - expect it to be a little rough over the next couple days.


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>That's your first error. Don't use that shit.

Noted...will remove .. I like clean, fast smooth running software without bloat. Only added it because the various google searches/forums seemed to come up with it as a necessity for installing. Phrases such as " can't install without fusion" being bandied around. Just install repro'whatever', its the best.... errr no! certainly don't want to install the 1000 top addons..arghh couldn't think of anything worse. Be selective, should only need a few Smile

Thanks..Hopefully the servers will be up and running soon.

@amedia : Mediaportal isn't great at music. Seems that everyone put their time into movies/tv etc and the music was an afterthought. Might have improved in the last versions but I'd given up and gone to Spotify by that point.... now a decent addon for Spotify would be good.

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