Mac OS X - "Clean Library" removed nearly all movies from the library

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Hi all,

I just ran "Clean Library" and XBMC has removed all but a few movies from the library. The movies that were removed are still present in the source folder, the file names haven't changed and the movies that had .NFO files still have .NFO files. The movies still in the library are no different from the movies that were removed - they're named the same, some have .NFO files, some don't. Some are in sub-directories, some aren't.

Every single file is named properly as I went through all of them a week or so ago and renamed everything that was wrong e.g. "Movie (Year).mkv" as per the XBMC docs.

Running "Update Library" doesn't find anything new, even though the movies are playable through the file manager. The "Missing Movie Scanner" add-on confirms that the file are there but that the movies aren't in the library.

After some searching, I found that the "Movies" source was set to "None" under media type - it was definitely set to Movies before. Changing it back to "Movies" and re-running Update Library looks like everything is going to be added again but it'll take a while. I assume all the movies will also be marked as unwatched. Same with TV Shows.

Because I'm running OS X 10.9, the current stable Frodo build doesn't work (due to the well-known startup bug). For that reason I'm running the latest x86_64 build of XBMC from xbmc-20131213-7e22dc9-master-x86_64.dmg (from the XBMC mirrors site).

Does anyone know why the above weirdness might happen? Should I just assume it's something funky going on due to running a nightly build of XBMC? It's got one other annoying bug, but I'll leave that for another topic.

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