Linux - [HOW TO] XBMC Linux on Geniatech Devices incl. Helix Builds

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If you want my advice get an AmLogic AML8726-MX dual core box. They are cheaper and run a lot better with mxlinux. This was the original box croniccorey made it for. I've had all boxes and this is the most stable out of all. You don't get any of the freezing issues and no problems with WiFi. You can't use the builds on here though. I can make you some

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These look interesting Auxbox, many thanks for the info. Will they support the latest Linux KODI Helix 14? Do they support WiFi switching like we have with WiFi Manager without any Broadcom type incompatibility? DO they produce true 1080 HD like the ATV1200 box does with Linux Gotham 13.2 and Helix 14.0 ?

I see they have a faster speed CPU than in the ATV1200 box but they do apparently suffer form heat problems when the cpu is working hard from what I read. What experience have you with this heat problem. DO you find them more responsive and generally snappier than the ATV1200 type boxes or pretty much the same.

I will check with my Chinese supplier to see how much cheaper they are than the ATV1200 boxes and maybe try one out if you have3 a suitable Linux compile.. They certainly look interesting so will be interested in what compiles are available for Linux KODI builds.

The ATV1200 box is the best Linux MX box I have tried so far but I do trust your judgement mate so I am very looking at these AML8726-MX based boxes

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Aren't ATV1200 based on AML8726-MX too ?

I own an ATV1200 though, and i must say i totally agree with raymw, running MX-linux (and soon Ember ^^) is absolutely fabulous lol
I've used this box a few months running Android (before to discover Mx-linux), and it was slow as hell.
Now it's fast, and i too don't think more cores would change anything.
Plus it plays all my full HD videos without any hiccup, and wifi is powerful enough to stream HD videos from my various HDD in the house.
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