Linux - [HOW TO] KODI Linux on Amlogic TV Boxes

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Hot news. For those with the metal cased MXQ M12 boxes with the S805 EmbER build then there has just been released a V4.0.1 Nightly Build for those who feel competent enough to try this new Beta build which has a raft of bug fixes according to Josh at EmbER . Please be aware that this is a Beta Build so could well have bugs so only for those who are wiling to test it out and please feed back your experience of it here too.

I have now installed it and the update went smoothly and all boots up okay and looks to be all working fine. I have also now removed the edited ntp.conf file some of us had to use to get the correct date and time at boot up and so far it works fine without that ntp temporary fix we used before, so this is fixed for sure it seems. Josh has apparently considerably reworked the power management so please test to check that the past related issues are fixed. Certainly I have removed my temporary fix remote.conf file too, and we are now back with the instant suspend mode when pressing the remote red power button. However from this instant suspend mode when trying to reboot from the remote then I still find it fails on first attempt every time, but now it always works on the second attempt unlike before. Now I will be also testing to see if the time loss is still occurring in this default suspend mode, so will report back on this issue tomorrow or Sunday after it has been in this instant suspend mode for many hours overnight.

Thanks to Josh and Corey for their continued work on this excellent S805 EmbER build.

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(2016-03-24 14:01)raymw Wrote:  If you installed EmbER V3.0.1 on a G02ref box in the first couple of days after it was released then it will be well worth quickly manually reinstalling it using a latest updated version downloaded from the EmbER website. Make sure you first back up all your settings and add-ons (recommend using EmbER Backups) as it will clear them all; unless you are happy just installing this new updated build zip file directly using the EmbER recovery mode screen (but make sure you are competent with doing it that way first).

The recently updated V3.0.1 dated 22/03/16 for the G02Ref boxes allows for an easy fix for anyone with 1970 date/time boot up problems caused by laggy internet access to the default date/time ntp servers which use the US based servers that are used by the EmbER system at boot up. Those with this problem ( mostly in the SE Asia region - see below) will be familiar seeing the 1970 date at each or most boot ups and annoyingly causing a problem with many add-ons that need the correct current date/time. This problem is in fact not really an EmbER bug but a problem with laggy internet which has now got a suitable work around - read on.

I have a suitable edited ntp.conf file available, which is set up to use Asian ntp date/time servers for those in SE Asia where in many areas the internet is currently laggy to the US ntp servers. This it seems is due to a broken undersea main highway link cable between I believe Singapore and Hong Kong. This has also put an additional load on many other Asian links too.

This edited small ntp.conf file is of course primarily for Asian users (see below for download link), and should be placed in your /root/Config folder in your EmbER box, and will then commit and do it's job from there, provided you have this latest 22/03/16 V3.0.1 G02Ref build installed. It should work fine too with G18Ref boxes if placed in this same /root/Config location. Once installed this ntp.conf file will ensure that if you are anywhere in Asia, or adjacent regions, then you will almost certainly get the correct date/time on every boot up.

This edited ntp.conf file, which can be identified by being 280 Bytes in size, rather than the default file at just 202 Bytes, can be quickly downloaded from my public Dropbox link HERE. First remove the .zip extension (needed to stop you just getting a text file) and then simply place this small ntp.conf file in your /etc/Config folder using KODI File Manager and reboot. To access these areas in File Manager you may first need to ensure that you have the needed full permissions enabled in the KODI configurations. (See System|Settings|Appearance|File lists and ensure all 6 options are enabled, as by default two relevant ones are not.)

Finally you may find that after updating to EmbER V3.0.1 that your International timezone country setting has changed to USA / New York time so you will need to change it back to your own time zone /country of course. This is very easy and quick to do. (System|Settings|International and change the Timezone Country as appropriate.)

Hope this is useful help to some of you here; but, as per the usual caveat, please note that you make any adjustments to your system entirely at your own risk of course. Many thanks to Josh with this edited ntp.conf file and his great help in giving his valuable time in solving this date/time issue.

I understand this is just for Asia. Is there an edited ntp.conf file for north america or is it already included. I just had the 1969 bug on startup EmbER 4.0.1
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