[HOW TO] KODI Linux on Amlogic TV Boxes

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I thought about it and at the moment I don't have with me one of those I use, the Rii mini keyboard. I suppose I can unplug this USB keyboard from this computer I write this on and plug it in and see, it is Logitech K120 their second most basic model I believe. Wink
Wow, thanks ed, the keyboard works Smile
I will replug it back and replace the remote conf file back to what it was when it worked and see if it will work again.

Bummer I don't know how to copy the file over in Kodi File Manager using a keyboard. On remote I would press that button with three lines on it... Maybe I should just FTP into the box, what is the root pas for Ember?

OK its fixed, I had to use mouse, allow it first in settings using keyboard... then pressing right button popped up the context menu allowing me to copy.
Funny thing is, the existing remote.conf file was listed there at zero bytes, probably the copy I did putting in rays conf file somehow failed and I didn't notice it read zero bytes. Now after copy it said right away some 2.51 kB.
Since Reboot in the Power menu doesn't work and neither does timer shutdown (only standby works), I copied in ray's file again making sure it is the 810 bytes after copy but that doesn't change anything, just Standby works, that is besides the Home choice.
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