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anthony.selby Offline
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Is there a way to configure mythtv to always record everything.

I have a HDHomeRun Dual tuner and there are only a couple of over the air channels that we watch (only a couple of channels period).

I want to be able to switch channels at say 7:42 and be able to rewind back to 7:30 when the show started.

I was thinking there should be a way to store the last 120 mins or so from all the channels but I can't quite figure where to do something like that.

Thanks everything
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deadite66 Offline
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i've wondered about something like that but never tried it.

You may be able to do it with a custom schedule (power search in mythweb).
channel.callsign = "BBC ONE HD" will begin recording everything on that channel
you'd then probably have to disable duplicate checking.

giving it it's own partition and assigning a recording group would be important otherwise if will fill up your drive before auto expiring.

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anthony.selby Offline
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Thanks ... I will look in to that and let you know what I find
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nickr Online
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Take a look at the mythtv-users mailing list archives. A guy called Udo was doing this and had a custom recording rule to do it.

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