[Tutorial] Hyperion Ambilight on Linux and OpenELEC x64

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epicfail Offline
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No i didn´t. The Port and IP must be the right one...if they are wrong i get the message "Cant connect to hyperion server" or so. I´ve tried several different ports.

My hyperion.config.json

And that are my Led´s

With Boblight everything is working fine.
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meowmoo Offline
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Try disable the add-on and use the x11 file maby it works

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Bydgoszcz Offline
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Thanks for all the work on this!

I am getting stuck at one point and I'm hoping someone can help me out.

I'm using a lightberry with a USB connection to my Chromebox, this is what happens when I run the command

Application build time: Nov 21 2015 00:56:02
QCoreApplication initialised
Selected configuration file: /home/kodibuntu/.config/hyperion.config.json
ColorTransform 'default' => [0; 115]
Device configuration:
    "colorOrder" : "bgr",
    "name" : "MyPi",
    "output" : "/dev/ttyACM0",
    "type" : "adalightapa102"

Opening UART: /dev/ttyACM0
Black border threshold set to 0.01 (3)
Not creating any smoothing
Effect loaded: Knight rider
Effect loaded: Blue mood blobs
Effect loaded: Cold mood blobs
Effect loaded: Full color mood blobs
Effect loaded: Green mood blobs
Effect loaded: Red mood blobs
Effect loaded: Warm mood blobs
Effect loaded: Rainbow mood
Effect loaded: Rainbow swirl fast
Effect loaded: Rainbow swirl
Effect loaded: Snake
Effect loaded: Strobe blue
Effect loaded: Strobe Raspbmc
Effect loaded: Strobe white
Initializing Python interpreter

It just hangs at Initializing Python Interpreter. I have gotten the same results in both Openelec and on Kodibuntu.

Thanks for the help.

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