[Tutorial] Hyperion Ambilight on Linux and OpenELEC x64

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epicfail Offline
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No i didn´t. The Port and IP must be the right one...if they are wrong i get the message "Cant connect to hyperion server" or so. I´ve tried several different ports.

My hyperion.config.json

And that are my Led´s

With Boblight everything is working fine.
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meowmoo Offline
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Try disable the add-on and use the x11 file maby it works

LibreELEC + MadNox + Ambilight running on a ChromeBox
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Bydgoszcz Offline
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Thanks for all the work on this!

I am getting stuck at one point and I'm hoping someone can help me out.

I'm using a lightberry with a USB connection to my Chromebox, this is what happens when I run the command

Application build time: Nov 21 2015 00:56:02
QCoreApplication initialised
Selected configuration file: /home/kodibuntu/.config/hyperion.config.json
ColorTransform 'default' => [0; 115]
Device configuration:
    "colorOrder" : "bgr",
    "name" : "MyPi",
    "output" : "/dev/ttyACM0",
    "type" : "adalightapa102"

Opening UART: /dev/ttyACM0
Black border threshold set to 0.01 (3)
Not creating any smoothing
Effect loaded: Knight rider
Effect loaded: Blue mood blobs
Effect loaded: Cold mood blobs
Effect loaded: Full color mood blobs
Effect loaded: Green mood blobs
Effect loaded: Red mood blobs
Effect loaded: Warm mood blobs
Effect loaded: Rainbow mood
Effect loaded: Rainbow swirl fast
Effect loaded: Rainbow swirl
Effect loaded: Snake
Effect loaded: Strobe blue
Effect loaded: Strobe Raspbmc
Effect loaded: Strobe white
Initializing Python interpreter

It just hangs at Initializing Python Interpreter. I have gotten the same results in both Openelec and on Kodibuntu.

Thanks for the help.

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Glitch Offline
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I'm a noob and I'm confused! I want to create a Ambilight clone which can be used with my media center (I dont need other sources) and I would like to use as little extra devices as possible (no extra USB TV grabber, HDMI splitter, HDMI converter etc.).

I currently have a Intel NUC currently running OpenElec 6.0.0 64 bits. I also have a Raspberry Pi 2b laying around which I was planning for this setup. I thought my setup would have to be something like this:

Intel NUC ---> HDMI ---> A/V Receiver (for playing the media on the TV)
Intel NUC ---> USB ---> Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi ---> GPIO ---> Level converter (to convert the 3V to 5V for the APA102 LED strip)
Level Converter ---> RGB wires ---> LED strip

As to my knowledge I would need to install Hyperion on the Intel NUC using the build from iLLiac4 in this thread to act as grabber and the Kodi/XBMC Hyperion Add-on to send the signal to a Hyperion server. On the Raspberry Pi I would install Hyperion to act as server to actually control the LED strip. So two Hyperion installs, one as grabber and one as server for controlling the LED strip.

After having read most of this topic and a lot of other stuff I'm not sure about these assumptions. Most information is about the software configuration and not how to set up the hardware. Could someone tell me how to set up the hardware in the most simplest way which still allows me to use Kodi on my Intel NUC as media center.
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