Windows - Songinformation while music visualization all the time?

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I’m using the re-toched skin on a tablet with Win7. And I love it! It looks good and it works pretty good with the touchscreen.
There is only one thing, I am not happy with: If music is playing and the visualization comes up, the songinformation fades out immediately.
But I want to see this information all the time!
When I touch the screen, it comes up, but fades out again after 5 secondes.
Pressing the “i” Button does not work (like in skin Confluence). Pressing the “m” Button brings up the songinformation without fading out after 5 seconds. But when XBMC is running in fullscreen mode, it’s not easy to bring up the touch keymap (normally I do not have a hardware keyboard connected).

Ok, no problem, if I would press “m” one time, and the setting would be stored.
But when I go back to the filelist and visualization comes up again, the songinformation again fades out immediately.

Is there a way to show the songinformation all the time while music visualization?
Perhaps the answer is easy. But I did not find a solution for that. I tried to make some entries in the xml file (though I’m really not a programmer) – without success.
Has someone an idea?

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