Release - Aeon MQ5 - LiveTV mod (based on anti2k's mod)

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Wanilton Offline
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Aeon MQ5 and all others skins (except confluence - default and transparency), need fix for work in Helix. PVR area have many changes in Helix. Use gotham.
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R3N3 Offline
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thx RoflTongueAngelAngelNod
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cypher242 Offline
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How can i disable the info osd in pause screen?

[Image: wgl2cp38.png]

i have a fresh Openelec 4.0.7/Aeon MQ5 install with "Aeon MQ5 -"
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Samu-rai Offline
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I don't have this mod, but if you press m, there is an option on the bottom menu to remove furniture. That should work.

My & accounts.

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cypher242 Offline
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thx, "hidden mode" does the trick Smile

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alexp4re Offline
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edit: delete
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Timreh Offline
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Is it possible to get this MOD for the ACE-Skin? Would be great! Smile
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paulsk2 Offline
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0.3 download link is down :-(
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Maniac Offline
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Sorry about that, moved some files on the server. Updated the link now.

Also, the mod for this particular skin is not going to be supported by me anymore. I've moved to AeonNox 4 & 5.
If the skin author or someone else wants to continue on development for MQ5, go ahead Smile

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