Change player for audio CD's

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If I set the default audio player to DVDPlayer, how can I force it to use PAPlayer for audio CD's only?

I would like to intermingle music videos with mp3's in the same playlist. When I attempted this, I found that xbmc would generally just skip all of the videos and only play the mp3's (btw, my music videos are strm files pointing to youtube vid's, and they play fine if I play them one at a time).

I found I could get around this by making DVDPlayer the default audio player. This arrangement plays mp3's and videos in the same playlist as expected. Apparently, the playlist would start with mp3's and use PAPlayer for everything, and that can't play the vid's.

However, since doing that, now I can't play audio CD's directly from the CD media. It says "Fetching CDDB data", then the "working" indicator spins a few seconds as many times as there are tracks, and then it just quits. I believe DVDPlayer is attempting to play the audio CD and cannot do so.

I have attempted to use playercorefactory to force PAPlayer for cdda, but nothing I've tried has worked.

Here is my playercorefactory:

    <rules name="system rules">
         <rule name="cdda" protocols="cdda" player="PAPlayer">
         <rule name="wav" filetypes="wav" player="PAPlayer">

I'm running on XBMCBuntu Frodo.

I've noticed that when in the OpenBox desktop, the file manager identifies the tracks as wav files.
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Never mind. I see the problem: I left out the closing "/" on the end of the "rule" tags. Fixed that and it works now.
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