Poster/fanart on remote share vs local

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my4keys82 Offline
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Hi, I wonder if someone could advise me on poster and fanart support under windows.

I have a windows samba server with movies on. Each movie is in it's own folder with the following file naming conventions:

/movies/FilmNameA/FilmNameA (year).mkv
/movies/FilmNameA/FilmNameA (year).nfo
/movies/FilmNameA/FilmNameA (year)-poster.jpg
/movies/FilmNameA/FilmNameA (year)-fanart.jpg

/movies/FilmNameB/ etc...

If I add smb://IP_ADDRESS/movies as a network share via samba then the movie posters and fanart don't show up. If I map the samba share as a drive letter and add this then the fanart and posters do show. So I guess XBMC wants to treat remote shares differently for optimization reasons maybe?

Is there a way I can force XBMC to use the posters and fanart from the samba share?
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Kib Offline
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As far as i know it should show poster and fanart from rremote shares.
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ricarva Offline
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Any update on this? I think I'm seeing the same behaviour...
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Not a windows guy, but what app is adding the movie images etc? Perhaps file permission issues showing up under smb?

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parslej Offline
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Same for me tried everything and same issue as author of this thread:

SMB://path_to_poster -> doesnt work

Mapping share as eg Z: letter and putting

z:\path_to_poster -> works well

Can not be permission issue (same share mapped as Z: drive works) - then what's wrong ??

** EDIT **
Got some sucess re this actually
Thanks this:

Ive added pswd info to passwords.xml and seems starting working!

Than looks that pswd is not passed from source to thoubnails ?
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Milhouse Offline
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Doubtful that anyone can really help unless someone provides a debug log (wiki) while scraping and/or browsing your library.

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