Feature Request - Add wake on Bluetooth command for iOS devices

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So I have been doing some reading and a jailbroken iOS seems to be able to:
- wake on bluetooth (with BT keyboard and/or mouse)
- pair 2 iOS devices to each other via BT (Peer to Peer apps)
- Launch an app directly once the iphone is awake (Activator slider option to launch directly into an app, this may have to be tweaked)

What I am hoping is that all three of these items can be combined together. The idea would be to wake my 4s and launch it directly into XBMC via XBMC remote. I am not sure if you can do the whole launch directly into XBMC part, but I am sure something can be done with the Activator cydia app by the end user, if you cannot do that. I am not sure if this would be allowed on the app store though.

Also, if you can put the "Quit XBMC Application" button on the remote it would be awesome as well.

The ideal scenario would be this:

- There is a "Power" button on the remote
- On the first click, it would do boot on Bluetooth (or wake from lan for people who use that)
- On the second click it would do quit XBMC application

That would amazing!

The reason I would like this, is because I am going to be using my iPhone 4s as my main XBMC machine in the house. So this type of feature would really help me turn the device on and keep it simple for my wife.
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