Windows - XBMC crashes when NPVR claims tuner for recording

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I'm having a problem which occurs when a recording timer is triggered while live TV is tuned to a different frequency.

The tuner card I'm using is a TBS6981, which has dual DVB-S2 satellite tuners, although only one is connected and available for use at the moment. If the tuner is being used to watch TV when NPVR starts recording a channel on a different frequency, then the video in XBMC will freeze. Upon attempting to stop playback the XBMC UI becomes unresponsive and the process must be restarted.

Is this a common problem or is it specific to my setup? This is the first time I've experienced it because in the past I have only set recordings while XBMC has been idle. It is, however, easily reproducible and I always get the same result when the conflict occurs.

I'm running XBMC version 12.3, NPVR version 3.1.1 and addon version 1.6.5.

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