Any devs working on a Android port of Tvheadend backend?

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(2015-01-29 19:41)tdw197 Wrote:  
(2015-01-28 15:46)Hedda Wrote:  Looks like more progress now as of today, with unofficial CyanogenMOD developer Christian Troy today also having released a CyanogenMOD image with Tvheadend server support

He have released an experimental CM12 firmware image for their Amlogic based WeTek Play, a build based on Android 5,0 (Lollipop) which includes Tvheadend server and Kodi.
I've tried this and it works nicely, not overly keen on the kodi PQ, so switched back to openelec for tvheadend - however, I can confirm it definitely works on android.
Actually WeTek's version turned out not to be an Android port at all as it is just them running a native Linux binary under Android, so not a Android NDK port.

So that is not really that interesting, or at least it is off-topic from the point of view of this thread, which again is about a real native Android NDK port.
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Running Android PVR frontend/backend on same device would welcome news. You can run TVheadend on openELEC with Kodi on the same Android box but you lose the ability to run Android apps.

@opdenkamp: Looking forward to seeing your PVR backend
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