Quicktime .mov files from Canon t2i/550D will not play.

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FWIW, I have a T2i and the files play on my raspbmc.
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(2014-01-18 13:07)popcornmix Wrote:  So far I've not seen it fail to play.
What makes it play/not play?
E.g. from a clean boot does it play? Does playing a different file make it play/not play?

When I boot the machine it plays only audio no matter which .mov file I select.
If I reboot XMBC and try again it plays. It could be that there is a problem with memory.
I just used the default configuration and overclocked to stable values but with or without overclock it behaves the same.

(2014-01-21 14:32)muckster Wrote:  FWIW, I have a T2i and the files play on my raspbmc.

Can you please post your config.txt file?
Maybe the memory settings create the problem for me.
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