Quicktime .mov files from Canon t2i/550D will not play.

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muckster Offline
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FWIW, I have a T2i and the files play on my raspbmc.
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(2014-01-18 13:07)popcornmix Wrote:  So far I've not seen it fail to play.
What makes it play/not play?
E.g. from a clean boot does it play? Does playing a different file make it play/not play?

When I boot the machine it plays only audio no matter which .mov file I select.
If I reboot XMBC and try again it plays. It could be that there is a problem with memory.
I just used the default configuration and overclocked to stable values but with or without overclock it behaves the same.

(2014-01-21 14:32)muckster Wrote:  FWIW, I have a T2i and the files play on my raspbmc.

Can you please post your config.txt file?
Maybe the memory settings create the problem for me.
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I had the same problem, but with more or less reboots the problem's gone.

Now, with a updated kodi distro, I've tried with Xbian, OSMC and pipplware, even with raspberry 1 and 2, and I simply can't play my CANON IXUS very high bitrate .mov files. It get's choppy, with artefacts, the sound goes with some clicks and finally it hangs KODI. Just with ssh and a sudo init 6 it revives.

All the files are 40Mbit/s bitrate.

Any clue?
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nickr Offline
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You need to supply a mediainfo output in relation to a problem file and a kodi debug log (wiki)

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