Where is Bierdopje?

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LPBrouwer Offline
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Hi All,

I have downloaded the stable version of XBMC Frodo on my Mac Mini (OSX Maverick).
It works like a charm, but...

I am dutch and would like XBMC to find me the Dutch subtitles for TV shows.
I know the best option for that is to activate the Bierdopje service in the standard Subtitle Scraper settings.
But Bierdopje is just not in the list of services I can use...?
I read everywhere that since version 12 of XBMC Bierdopje should be included, but it isn't...

Do I need to anything else to activate or download it?

Thanks for your help,
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KoppieKoffie Offline
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Bierdopje has been taken down by Brein.

Kort maar krachtig zouden wij als Nederlanders zeggen...
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