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1.) Not since I have been using it. You sure you aren't thinking of something like Aeon Nox MQ5 which is insanely complex with settings everywhere?
2.) background settings in movies, tv shows, weather, liveTV, etc all are individual. I have random fanart for 4 different categories set for my 4 menu items which change as I select the menu item.
3.) If the customizations you want to do are outside of whatever settings are available for that widget then it becomes an effort in coding.
4.) Personal preference really.
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(Yesterday 23:09)skullmonkey Wrote:  Hi,
first post here, on this skin Big Grin

I had AppleTV 2 so this skin was only a wet dream Big Grin Now I got Raspi and installed the theme.
I have some questions:
1. Wasn't this skin more complex? As I remember there were tons of settings and adjustments for it. I don't see them now. Do I do anything wrong?
With the Frodo version and prior, this skin was very heavy with lots of options. Bignoid has removed many of the options to make this skin much lighter so that it can be run on many of the low end systems without long wait times while everything loads. If you want those extra options you can still find them. Check the Aeon Nox forum for version 4 mods. Just make sure they are compatible with whatever version of Kodi you have installed.

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