Release - Aeon Nox 5

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(2015-07-27 22:05)Cowboy1968 Wrote:  Hi mikesilvo164

Thank you for your help, but I do not believe its an addon or openelec issue as it was not happening with the previous two skins I was using, and I did not make any changes to my system other then changing to Aeon Nox. Also, there does not seem to be any logical reason why some of the tv series get removed. At first I thought it was because there were no episodes in the folder, but upon closer examination, its always the same tv series that get removed and there are other empty folders that do not get touched. I am going to try deleting my TV server and re addidng it to allow Openelec to rescrape all my shows while in the Aeon Nox screen and see if that fixes the issue.


The skin is just a window on top of Kodi. The option to see Unwatched, Watched or All Videos are the only skin-based variables that could impact what you can and can't see in a collection that is properly scraped.
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