Mac OS X - Screen Tearing problem! On Mavericks with a nightly build.

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Hi, so I'm having some difficulty with XBMC and Apple's newest OS, Mavericks.

First off was the problem with the "seeking" being to slow on Frodo 12.3 on Mavericks, which made me switch to a nightly build. That worked fine for a while, until I discovered some problems with the playback. Screen Tearing. Mostly when I play 1080p movies, but sometimes also on 720p. Have looked around for possible solutions but none has helped me so far.

I tried enabling VSYNC and disabling and enabling other settings aswell but it still screen tears. After a few tries and fails, I finally found (possibly) out the problem. I use a "fullscreen window rather than a true fullscreen" on XBMC, and after reading on some other topics I found out that this could cause screen tearing.

Now my problem is that I can't disable that option. If I do, my mac will "blackscreen". So it's not (after my experience) possible on a mac to use a true fullscreen on XBMC, which would have solved my problem. So what can I do to stop the Sceen Tearing? Anyone else having this problem, or someone who can help me?
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FYI True Fullscreen only works on 10.6 - Apple screwed up a lot in mavericks for us. I hope at some point we will be up to the task again for supporting all their new ****.

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