xbmc don't start alone

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Sorry for my english i'm french.

I just buy a raspberry pi B 512 with a SDHC card class 10. I install raspbian and xbmc 12.3
No startx on the boot.
The problem is when my raspberry boot, xbmc don't start. i need to start myself xbmc-standalone
I put enabled=1 in /etc/default/xbmc
I have xbmc in /etc/passwd and this user is in the group audio video input dialout plugdev tty, like user pi.

So for resolv that, i create a script with the command xbmc-standalone and i add this script on the boot.
But when i read /etc/init.d/xbmc, i see xbmc-standalone, so i don't understand why xbmc don't start alone.

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If you're trying to set up a dedicated XBMC system you're probably better off installing a dedicated XBMC distro like Raspbmc or OpenElec (especially if you're new to the Raspberry Pi) much easier to install and keep up to date, and better performance due to kernel/driver/xbmc optimisations. (For example Raspbmc just recently added f2fs filesystem support, which seems to give a sizeable speed increase in menu navigation)

If you also want to run raspbian for general Linux tinkering and programming you could install that on a different SD card, or do a multi boot setup with raspbian and raspbmc/openelec on the same card using the noobs installer. (Minimum 16GB card to have enough room)

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Thank you for your response.
I install raspbian + xbmc to use other service in my raspberry, like nginx or dovecot.
So i want that every services work in the same time.

Do you have any idea for my boot problem?
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il est préférable d'utiliser une distribution XBMC dédié comme Raspbmc ou OpenELEC. Tout est conçu pour Raspberry PI...
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Comme je l'expliquais, j'ai peur que part la suite si je me tourne sur openelec ou raspbmc, je ne puisse monter correctement d'autres services.
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