Solved Issue - Cannot open live TV menu

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I just installed the latest version of reFocus on Frodo, but every time I try to click on "live TV" XBMC freezes up and I can no longer select any other menu items. I end up going into task manager and restarting XBMC. I am using Media Portal as my TV server backend and using the default Confluence theme TV works fine. All other menu items seem to work fine in reFocus.

OS: Windows 8.1
XBMC: 12.3 Frodo

I first tried downloading the theme from Google code, and I am now running a copy downloaded from Github.

Has anyone else had trouble opening the live tv menu? Is there a known fix for this or am I the only one who has had this issue?

[SOLVED] I will leave the thread here in case it helps anyone else. I didn't poke around enough in the theme's settings to realize that while the "live tv" section was checked in the Customize Home Menu, "Channels", "EPG", "Recordings", and "Timers" were not. I don't know if these are supposed to be enabled by default, but they weren't for me and caused the menu to freeze up.

reFocus is an awesome theme! Thanks to the developer who clearly put a lot of work into it!
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