What picture add-on do you suggest ?

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I have mainly used XBMC for video and audio and it works very well with the setup I got now.
Now its time to focus on pictures, photos.
I want to show my pictures to friends and family using XBMC.
What I have now is pictures in different foldes with names on and I can show them as a slideshow with a zoom feature. I guess that is the standard way to show pictures.
Are there any other ways to do this by using a add-on or whatever ?
I would like to have instead of folders by name also folders by a tumbnail AND name and also to have a background music when I show my pictures. Maybe pre-selected a music selection so that I don't need to start the music every time I start the slideshow. And maybe some more fading features.
I guess what I am looking for is a way to show my pictures with more feature selections than what the standard XBMC gives me.

Any suggestions ?

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Anyone, anyone -- Bueller?
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I would like to know as well what people recommend
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(2014-12-15 19:27)SSmoker Wrote:  I would like to know as well what people recommend

Me too Huh
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