Recordings: "Watched" and resume / bookmark infos not in sync

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I use several OpenELEC images (Generic, ION, Fusion, Raspberry) and Windows XBMC in my home, OE version 3.2.4, XBMC 12.2.
The TV backend is MediaPortal, and the file states (watched, time for resume, ...) of the TV recordings are saved centrally in a MySQL DB in the common XBMC tables.

These infos can be used by every PC station without any problems, except the one with the ION image, here the bookmarks seem to be incomplete or wrong.
After activating debug mode, I found out XBMC uses different file IDs and bookmark IDs in the SQL command when I stop watching a recording. But it is exactly the same file...

I start to watch a recording with Windows XBMC and stop it after 5 minutes.
Then I start an OpenELEC generic image on another PC, I access the same recording and I am able to resume at 05:00.
I start the machine with the OE ION image and play the same file -> there is no bookmark info. I play the file for 6 minutes.
The bookmark 06:00 does not appear on the other machines. It is saved with another file ID and bookmark ID in the MySQL DB.

I use the same advancedsettings.xml on every station, so I don't really know where to find a solution for this case, or which part of the whole system causes it.

Could you please give me some hints?
How and where are these IDs generated?

Thank you,
Best regards
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Are you sure it's connected to your sqldb and not to its own local dB? Post your log from that machine

[Image: watched-clearlogo.jpg]

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Very strange, it seems like it is working again.

I am not really sure what the problem was, but it could have been a combination of wrong country (in the timezone settings) and the clock was running about 5 minutes too late.
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