[Gotham] Add a keyboard shortcut for SubtitleSearch

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ZaYoOoD Offline
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as you know, Gotham features a new subtitle download/search service. The skin I'm using "nbox" doesn't yet support this service, so I can't download new subtitles when I'm using it.

Is there any way to fix that? Add a keyboard shortcut maybe?
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warlion Offline
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That's is a skin problem use confluence to full support for subtitles or ask in the skin forum to ask the developer to include it
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Leegethas Offline
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That's not really answering the question.

I'm using Confluence myself, but used a keyboard shotcut anyway, because it's way more convenient. I had the shortcut programmed via keymap.xml. But since I updated to Gotham, that doesn't work anymore.

I would really like to restore that functionality, but I have no clue what function I'n supposed to call.

The old function:

What should I call now I'm running Gotham?

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Ned Scott Offline
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You can make easy links to the Kodi Wiki Manual using double brackets around common Kodi words: [[debug log]] = debug log (wiki), [[Video library]] = Video library (wiki), [[SMB]] = SMB (wiki) , [[userdata]] = userdata (wiki), etc
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Leegethas Offline
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Worked like a charm.

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mvank Offline
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Hi, it is not working for me, running xbmc (openelec), but keymap is not working for downloading subtitles


keystrokelogger (irw) shows the key stroke:
172 0 KEY_SUBTITLE devinput
172 0 KEY_SUBTITLE_UP devinput

When a subtitle is already available the above setting only turn on/off the subtitle, but now subtitle download is performed. Does anyone know how to configure one key on the remote to download subtitles?

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