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(2014-01-29 19:51)devilshura Wrote:  I have 2 style to share.For uses new cases,move the download .xbt to your Aeon MQ5 media folder.



These are still the best Media Cases! Many thanks for this devil. Iam still using these (Glass_R2 and Gloss_R2 without colorflags) with MQ5 Modded Version, but i think its time to switch to MQ6, but i never would switch without these cases! ;-)

So, is there any chance to get these for MQ6? Iam sure others would appreciate this as well.

Maybe i missed something to read here and the edited textures.xbt is already available?

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(2015-11-08 09:48)foster1984 Wrote:  Can anyone help me with a problem I'm having?

Media and case flags aren't displaying properly. The media flags for resolution, ratio, audio channels, trailer and watched percentage are remaining the default ones, whilst cases are showing media flags rather than case flags on their tops.

[Image: Ae23pL0.jpg]

How do I change this and use the desired media and case flags?

I'm using Kodi 15.2 Isengard and Aeon MQ6 3.2.0 (the current versions of both), I'm also using GlassboxR4 flags

Had the very same question. Thanks to this thread and the TEXTURES thread I have successfully learnt how to recreate my own XBT file (using part from Devilsura and Samu-rai) but those very same flags I cannot override. I had noticed that in some of the other XBT kindly supplied here, these flags do not change either).

Cheers Andy
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