Bizzaro connection problems?

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Question  Bizzaro connection problems?
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Was pulling my hair out as all my openelec boxes suddenly stopped working - both live and rec tv - just stuck at the spinning icon..

tried setting up users accounts, played with shares and permissions..

Even tried setting the mp client in xbmc to use administrator and its password...

All to no avail...

Then I disabled the firewall on the mp tv server windows box.

I tried one machine and Bingo!!

Then I re-enabled the firewall.

Tried another 2 machines and they didn't work still...

Disabled the firewall.

Tried another 2 machines and Bingo!

re-enabled the firewall.

All machines still working?!

Spoke too soon, after a client reboot they stop working again until the firewall on the server is stopped/started..

Any ideas why the firewall is suddenly interfering ?

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