[WIP MOD]Extra Lines in EPG & Change Channel Groups

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I'd love extra lines in the EPG Timeline view, along with a field/button to change channel groups/bouquets in Live TV.

I've been tinkering with the EPG Timeline , stayed up waaaaay too late with it, and have been making progress as far as having more lines in the EPG.
Since this is my first attempt at editing XBMC skins, the results are somewhat tentative. However, I've got it to the stage where we can fit 8 or 9 rows, albeit I have been unable to move the "EPG Timeline" heading from 1/3 down the page.
Have a look at this screenshot.

[Image: screenshot000.png]

The two xml files I'm tinkering with are MyPVR & ViewsPVR
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Great idea Seapoint - I'm loving Bello but also think the EPG timeline view could do with extra lines as there's so much wasted space. Did you get around to finishing this and can you make your xml files available for download somewhere?
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