Windows - Make Time Disappear!!

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If I have to take this to a different thread because it doesn't pertain to a skin thread let me know. Is there any way that the developers can get rid of the time in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I have searched XBMC and the Web for an answer to this but have came up empty handed.

The reason I want the Time gone is because a lot of us Movie Lovers have plasma TV's for the increased black levels and better contrast ratios. but the plasma TV's are known for the SCREEN BURN IN EFFECT. even on my samsung plasma which is very very resilient to the burn in effect I still have the burn in. You wanna know what part of the whole screen is burned into the screen? IT's the damn time clock from XBMC in the top right hand corner. I just want it gone at this point so i can stop worrying about it. is there anyway that we can implement a check time window instead of a constant bright white clock in the top right hand corner. or at least a hide clock feature?

Thank you so much for your help and all that you guys do. I love XBMC and refuse to work with anything else. lets make it better!!!
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If you can't find a skin with a setting that does that then the only way would be to edit the skin of your choice manually.

Can't really help you with that as all skins are different, but you'd have to search for something like "<label>$INFO[System.Time]</label>". Maybe in Home.xml or Includes.xml (Depends on skin). Once found comment out the whole "control" section.

Be careful the fact you had to ask how proves that this has a high risk of turning into a disaster for you.

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