Video tearing on Nightly/Maverick

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manhas Offline
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Thanks for the configuration efty.edge.

I tested them out yesterday and they worked initially. I tested to start/stop a couple of movies various codecs and then watched a couple of tv shows. It started out flawless without any jitter or tearing and worked for almost an hour which is much better than before. After around one hour of playtime I started to see barely noticeable tearing, it got gradually worse and after two hours it was just as bad as with the previous settings.

I was running Helix 14.0 alpha 3 and took the sounds through HDMI to the receiver, I'm going to test using the latest nightly build instead and take the sounds via optical cable and see if there's any improvement. So far it works all right after 5 minutes, but I guess I'll notice if it works for sure after a couple of hours or days.

Edit: Did not work with optical and latest nightly build either. Went back after leaving XBMC idle for 20 minutes and the tearing was present when I started a video.
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efty.edge Offline
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Hi Manhas,

nice to hear that it works better. I'm sorry but i missed to post the final part of my solution. Following entries in the advancedsettings.xml are essential for mel.


After this i have no more tearing problems. 1080p HD content with 24 or 25 frame works very well, also SD.

By the way i use KODI with a MacMini 2009, 4 GByte, 128 MByte SSD, OS X Yosemite Latest BETA, optical connected to my Audio Receiver, streaming the Content from a NAS.

I hope someday the misbehavior will be fixed by the developers and we can use video acceleration again.

Good Luck.

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manhas Offline
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efty.edge: Do you still find your configuration to be working without any noticeable tearing?

I was never able to get Gotham to work without tearing so I ended up going back to Frodo. I hoped that the combination Yosemite+Nightly Helix would solve the tearing issue but it's still there after a fresh install of Yosemite and Helix.

I've tested all the combinations of software/hardware/accelerated hardware, toggle vertical sync etc that I could think of, but all of them show more or less tearing. Will do some more testing even if I don't really have any hope of finding a configuration that works. But I really don't want to go back to Frodo after testing both Gotham and Helix. Tongue

Also I've skipped the audio receiver and I'm now only taking 2.0 stereo sound directly to tv without any change, so the sound does not appear to affect this.
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Memphiz Offline
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btw i had never tearing in any version (frodo, gotham, helix and maybe a dozens during development) (macmini - core i5 ivy intel hd4000).

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manhas Offline
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Not completely sure, but from what I've read only people with Mac mini 2010 and the Nvidia GeForce 320M have experienced the tearing.

Anyway, I was able to reproduce the tearing now in a rather small log, I hope I got all the info needed in there so anyone with more know-how than me can take a look:

I started an episode of Frozen Planet (a lot of panning views) and skipped back and forward a lot. I've noticed that doing this usually makes the tearing become more noticeable quicker and after a few minutes it was rather visible and I closed Kodi.

I also noticed today during testing that the video playback isn't always completely smooth. Instead of a smooth transitions for panning views there's a small jitter, it looks almost like I was playing the video in the wrong frame rate or had some bad image processing turned on. It's not always there and if I restart Kodi I can usually play the same video without any jitter and 100% smooth.

I haven't tested the jitter thing that much, but the little I've experienced the jitter is there when the tearing is present more or less.
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