Dialogseek bar.xml

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tromy Offline
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I use pseudo live tv script and I need some help
In-order to Block XBMC's Seekbar from popping up on channel change I must add the following to skins visible area in dialogseekbar.xml

"Window.IsActive(fullscreenvideo) + !Window.IsActive(script.pseudotv.TVOverlay.xml) + !Window.IsActive(script.pseudotv.live.TVOverlay.xml)"
I can"t see visible area in dialogseekbar.xml in bello.In other skins I can see it and make the edit.
Can someone help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance
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nessus Offline
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The DialogSeekbar.xml is here: https://github.com/Nessus85100/Bello/blo...n.xml#L620

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