Move currently playing video to another XBMC instance?

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deed02392 Offline
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I have two raspsberry pis with XBMC installed, each in a separate room.

Say I wanted to continue watching a show in another room. Is it possible to have XBMC instruct another player to start playing the same video, skip to the correct time point/synchronise and then stop playing in the first player?

If not, feature request!
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Ned Scott Offline
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If you use a nightly build (wiki) (v13-based, aka "Gotham") then yes. There are two ways to do this, one is with UPnP/Share (wiki), and the other is with UPnP "play with" (UPnP/Client (wiki)). The first one, sharing with UPnP, allows you to see the file list on both devices and save the resume position. The second, "Play with", allows you to map a remote button to "switchplayer" that will allow you to select other XBMC devices and resume the movie right away.
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deed02392 Offline
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Many thanks for your reply Ned. I don't have a spare RPi to test it on and don't want to risk breaking the ones the family uses, but it's good to know this functionality is coming.
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DBMandrake Offline
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Why not get a second SD card to install a test build on ? You can restore the Pi back to known working state by swapping the card back. That's what I do !

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nickr Offline
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If you are using a central mysql database, you can stop the movie on player A and then go and play it on player B, it will give you the opportunity to start from the beginning or resume from wherever you stopped.

Not quite what you are after, but achieves the same result (unless I am misunderstanding your problem).

Now what I want is for XBMC to mark in the database the point at which I fell asleep last night...

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