How to locate my Routers USB Storage in XBMC

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Hi guys,

I'm a complete novice so I apologies is the answer is something simple I can't figure out.

I have plugged my external USB drive that contains all my movies directly into my Router (USB).

From any PC in my house (and even my Android Gbox) I can see and play the files doing //IPaddress/foldername in the Run command.

The next step I want to set up XMBC to see this folder share, but under library folder path settings I can't figure out what option to select and how I would type the path.
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Add a source, and then it's a matter of knowing (or guessing) what format the source is available in. You broadly have three choices:

1. UPnP - that broadcasts an index of files rather than a path, though.
2. SMB - this is the Windows file system
3. NFS - this is the Linux way

My guess - because it's the easiest if not the best, and is thus pretty universal - would be SMB. Select that, and you should see your router's name appear in the resulting list; select that, and the folder name will appear. You can now add that (or any sub-directories) as a source.
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Videos -> Files -> Add videos -> Browse -> SMB -> find your SMB share -> Okay
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