Suddenly I have no sound

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I don't know what the hell happened, XBMC was working fine for months and today I decided to install bonjour enable AirPlay and when I tried it for the first time only video was showing but with no sound so I thought it's a problem with AirPlay but then I tried to play my regular videos but they also don't have sound now, what's can I do? I tries playing with the setting and nothing helped.
the sound problem is only in XBMC, if I play a file through another program the sound works.
computer is connected to TV with HDMI cable.

any help would be great.

here're some screenshots:

and the
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jjd-uk Offline
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I can't see any major issues in the log, maybe you have accidently muted XBMC's volume? Try pressing the + key to see if XBMC's volume is at maximum.
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