Any way for xbmc to ignore embedded artwork in music?

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A while ago I tagged my music collection through picard and quite a few were incorrectly tagged. I didn't realise this, and after acquiring media, I somehow exported the media and imbedded it into the files. I've tried to use mp3 tag but the collection is huge, and there is no way to manually fix this for every file.

I've since managed to get the correct tags in there, but a lot of the embedded media is incorrect. I'd like to be able to rescan using xbmc's scrapers and fetch the artwork based on the tags, ignoring the embedded media. Is this possible?

Also, I noticed that trying to manually add artwork for albums using info>get thumb doesn't connect to the net to allow me to pick the appropriate thumb for the album. It only gives me local thumbs from that folder. Whereas in artist info I can select thumb and fanart from the net. Is this expected behaviour and if so, any plans to enable this?

This is on the latest Gotham nightly on Windows 8...
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The embedded artwork will be shown unless you change it. Its a lot easier to change it in MP3Tag (or similar) than manually via XBMC. In the end, you'll want to fix it the right way, as any attempt to 'workaround' will just get undone if you change to another system or even possibly in a upgrade.

You can do bulk edits in MP3 tag. All the songs for an album at once, if they are tagged right, I've found the cover art is found correctly more than 90% of the time.

Alternatively, you can drag many songs or albums in at once and remove the embedded images or replace with some generic default image. If you remove the images, then XBMC will display whatever it finds via scraping, or nothing at all.
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MediaMonkey and probably mp3tag can easily embed say folder.jpg as a cover in the file (if you are organized as artist\album).

scott s.
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folder.jpg will take priority over embedded art as long as the embedded art is the same for all tracks on the album. So that's the easiest way to ignore it.

Still, fixing the tags seems like the best way to go as then it's permanently fixed (either remove them or change - up to you).

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