Series record (type= 'Always') not waking up PC

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EDIT: problem now solved, deleted the schedules and all ok now.

Hello, I posted this on the mediaportal forum as I think it is a TVserver issue but in case anyone else has any ideas..

A number of recordings have started late and I have found that the wakeup time is set incorrectly.

The wakeup time is set correctly for single recordings, where there is a specific time visible in the 'Schedule' section of TV server, but the 'Always' type recording times are blank on this page and seemingly ignored for setting wakeup timers.

I am setting the recordings via xbmc but in the MP wiki 'Always' type recordings also do not show a time so not sure what is going wrong? Images below show scheduled recordings, however the next wakeup is for a single record even though the top 'Always' record starts at 2100.

See pastebin of tvservice log.

Should have recorded a program from 2300 but woke up late..
[2014-02-04 23:16:02,508] [Log ] [PowerEventThread] [DEBUG] - TV service PowerEventThread 30

[Image: schedules-png.144943]
[Image: timer-png.144944]
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Hmm, no idea.
Seems that the TVServerXBMC plugin should do more when scheduling with "Always", namely search for the first occurence and set the date or something like that...

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