Mac OS X - Audio sync off with refresh rate switching (nightly builds)

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wrxtasy Offline
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If it helps as a fallback solution....

I'm also on Yosemite 10.10.1 with Kodi b5 and I am having no problems at all, but I'm not using HDMI nor S/PDIF for Audio output.

My config is Audio Output device - Default, Built-in Output....with 2.0 speakers connecter to the headphone socket on my 2011 iMac.
Adjust display refresh rate to match video - OFF
Sync Playback to display - Enabled....
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juramusger Offline
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Preliminary testing suggests that the issue is gone in 15 beta1. I guess it's because of the (default) switch to ffmpeg-vda or the version bump thereof. I have to admit that I never tried activating ffmpeg-vda in Helix. (I think it was possible with advancedsettings.xml ?)

So, (cautious) yeah for less fan noise/electricity use!

I will test more thoroughly next week and encourage others to test as well.
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FlangeMonkey Offline
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Thanks for the update... I might have to come off openelec and back onto Mac OS if this is successful.
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juramusger Offline
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After testing, well actually just using, Isengard for the past couple of weeks I think I can confirm that the sync issue is gone.
(I am actually using the build from the other sync-issue thread)

Starting with this version Kodi seems to work perfectly for me on OSX. Like really, perfectly! OSX still can't do true 24p but now Kodi dances around that issue so smoothly that it ceased to be a problem.
I didn't think we would arrive here for a long time, I eyed with ARM devices for the last year or so without deciding on one.

Now I don't feel I need one anymore. All I can say is bravo and congratulations to the devs.
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