Scrolling the plot information manually possible?

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I've disabled "auto-scroll" plot in the skin settings as I'm using this on the RPi and this eats up CPU unnecessarily as I don't ALWAYS want to scroll the plot information. However in times when I do want to scroll the plot information down as it's a long piece of plot text, how do I manually scroll down ("auto scroll" implies there is a manual scroll and I'm sure I've done this on plenty of previous skins)?

I am accessing the plot by:-
- Highlighing the movie in question
- Pressing "i" to bring up the information section of the movie. This shows the plot information. If short enough you see the full plot, if long it eventually gets cut off (hence the need to manually scroll down as I've disabled auto-scroll)
- Press down but this only toggle between the menu bar (play, cast, choose art, get extra art, refresh) and the "search for movies directed by "....
- I've tried pg down also , but it doesn't appear to do anything either.

I've tried this on my PC and haven't been able to do thie there either. To be sure I switched to a different skin iand this supported the scroll down on the plot when I pressed down.

Sorry if I'm just being very dense and over looking anything. Any ideas or changes I can make to the skin to achieve this?

Thanks in advance
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You are not over looking anything. The manual scroll is not implemented in many parts of the skin by design, including the video info screen.
I'll look to it on how can do it there since left,right,up and down are already do other functions. Maybe pressing DOWN twice will do the trick.

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