Windows - XBMC together with Logitech Harmony Ultimate

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scarecrow420 Offline
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I doubt your mouse and keyboard would be using IR (infrared needs line of sight which would be quite painful when operating a mouse and keyboard). It would be much more likely they would be using RF so therefore I think you probably dont have an IR receiver on your PC!

You need a USB IR receiver - something like this:

pvr.wmc TV addon and ServerWMC Backend Development Team
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I'm sorry to revive a thread that is 8 months old, but I have some questions about my Harmony One controls.
I would like to know what steps I should take to make my Harmony One compatible with my Minix Neo X8-H Plus with XBMC.
I've allready added the 2 MCE remotes, and entered all the things that I needed, but my Minix Neo does not respond to it.
That could be because it is an Android-device and not a Windows-device.
Is IR learning the only way to get it to work, or should I do something else?
If so, my Minix and/or XBMC does not respond to all the buttons on my Minix remote, so I am not sure if that will help.
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Chairhead Offline
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Thanks for bringing this back up!

I'm trying to configure the touchscreen on the Ultimate to act as a trackpad for the mouse cursor. Has anyone had luck with this?

The WiiU and Ulitmate pull this off brilliantly.
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billybanana Offline
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Thanks guys, this guide is brilliant. Been using various Logitech remotes over the years and I only just discovered the Customize Buttons feature. Feel like a real noob now (:

I can finally say the remote is wife proof and she can watch Kodi without me doing everything for her. That has to be a good thing.
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IIIdefconIII Offline
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You can connect it with bluetooth if you want fater then IR
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