Harmony ultimate stops working with xbmc

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Hi guys,
Bought a harmony ultimate in december and did all the settings and everything is working fine.
I have xbmc running on a mac mini with maverick 10.9.1 on it.
What happens is that normally my remote works just fine with xbmc. But randomly it can happen that when i boot my mini or when it wakes from sleep, that xbmc doesn't react to the remote...
The remote seems to send some signals, because it wakes the mini up and i get some volume symbols on the screen...but xbmc doesn't react.
In that case i have 2 solutions:
1) reboot and hope it works
2) in xbmc settings change the remote input from standart to universal, or the other way around... Or even just switching from standart to the next one and back to standart. Then it seems to find the connection back to the remote...
BecUse of the way it reacts in this way, i cannot think of it as a harmony problem but more of a xbmc bug??
Anybody having a solution?
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