Intel NUC - Bay Trail (Celeron 4th Generation CPU) - DN2820FYKH

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I wouldn't be surprised however if some kit manufacturers use DTS-HD as shorthand for DTS-HD HRA, I know my Onkyo AVR will display either HRA or MA depending on what is being fed.
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Hi, I'm running Kodi 14.0 on a Brix 2807, Bay Trail, on KDE Mint 17.1 (based on Ubuntu 14.04).

Hardware decoding works fine with vaapi, cpu usage is down to 10-20%, but I have a problem with frequent hiccups. When it happens it repeats a few frames, sound as well.

I'm been looking at the processes and I think either kworker or migration process are to blame, they run from time to time with a cpu usage ~12%, not major but it disrupts the video playback.

What should I do? Can I fix it? Re-installing the OS is not an option right now.

EDIT: I couldn't find a solution so I've installed Kubuntu 14.10 and my problem is gone.
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(2015-01-27 12:55)jjd-uk Wrote:  
(2015-01-27 08:00)skylarking Wrote:  Your post is specific w.r.t. number of channels and bitrates but what parts of my post was "not quite right"?

Just a pedantic nitpick.

(2015-01-26 07:13)skylarking Wrote:  What the specific differences are between DTS-HD and DTS-HD MA

DTS-HD is the generic name for the extensions used, the actual formats audio are encoded into are DTS-HD High Resolution Audio (HRA) & DTS-HD Master Audio (MA) so there is no format called just DTS-HD, I suspect you meant DTS-HD HRA which is the correct name for the lower spec'ed lossy version when referring to plain DTS-HD which does not exist.

Yeah, i'm pedantic and a little OCD so making even small errors in terminology is a little frustrating for me Blush
Thanks for the heads-up Tongue

I'm a XBMC novice :)
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Thinking of picking up one of these for a friend of the family to run Openelec Kodi.

For the foreseeable future it will be used self contained with local content on the internal storage.

Have all the kinks been worked out at this point. ie. OPenelec install from USB stick?

Do you think that a 2.5" 8gb/1Tb SSHD would be a good choice of storage or does openelec even support that combo type of storage. I assume openelec and all the metadata will stay cached in the 8gb portion of the drive and that the 8gb ssd part of the drive is enough to store all the metadata that would be generated by 1TB of content.
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I run openelec on a machine with just an 8gb ssd and it is fine.

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I've literally just bought one of these and it works really well, no issues getting it running or anything. it worked first time out of the box and I'll probably be buying another one to replace another HTPC in the house.

I installed 1GB of memory, a 120GB SSD which will do until I can find smaller 60GB SSD that I have laying around somewhere and the latest version of openelec.

Like I say, no issues, nothing. It all worked first time and I'm mega happy with it. A steal for £100 ish plus mem and SSD.
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(2014-12-25 23:00)fritsch Wrote:  I currently would not suggest Windows 8.1 at all for Kodi. Cause we don't have any active developers that test DXVA on Windows 8.1 - All the development was done on Windows 7. Furthermore our implementation still bases on DX9, so you might experience real sever issues.

Edit: Most sane devs, just skipped Windows 8.1, cause it's not usable at all for anything else besides cooking coffee or something

And what about Windows 10. Will the devs ignore it either? Will Kodi be stuck in Windows 7?

Microsoft will offer a free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Will people be stucked on Windows 7?
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Important Info for the Post?

| myHTPC |
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Has anyone installed openelec 5 on the nuc 2820 and are they facing problems?
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xbs08 Offline
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I have, no problems... but some times it seems slower than OE 4.

  • Intel NUC Kit DN2820FYKH
  • Crucial DDR3L SO-DIMM 4GB
  • SanDisk ReadyCache 32GB SSD
  • Microsoft MCE model 1039 RC6 remote
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Diapason Offline
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I upgraded last weekend, and like xbs08 it seems a bit slower to me at times. Nothing major, though, and I could be imagining it.

I have a more pressing problem which is that the NUC now loses the TV's EDID data after a period of non-use. Before, if I left the NUC on I could switch the TV off, come back days later and all would still be well. Now it's losing the audio connection and doesn't seem to know that I have a TV connected, requiring a reboot. I don't know if this issue has been caused by the upgrade, but it wasn't happening before.
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(2014-11-02 20:35)wizziwig Wrote:  
(2014-11-02 11:12)scarecrow420 Wrote:  Unless there is an Intel MEI (Management Engine Interface) driver, PAP (protected audio path) on windows wont work which means bitstreaming TrueHD and DTS-MA wont work. Since the 2830 is just a processor revision and there are no new drivers, I would say you've got buckleys chance of it working.

PAP/MEI is a legacy method of protecting audio in Windows. It's possible Intel could implement the same thing using a newer baytrail compatible standard such as "Intel Trusted Execution Engine" (Intel TXE).

There are some reports of DTS-HD passthrough working in Windows for people with the ECS Liva (see newegg reviews and Anandtech review). That box uses a newer C0 stepping N2807 so maybe that is also required.

Can someone test with the latest drivers found here:

If that doesn't work, maybe also test these older NUC specific ones:

For what it is worth, I have DTS-HD / Passthrough working on a Zotac Zbox CI320 (Celeron N2930) on Windows 7 in Kodi.
I did a clean install of Windows, and used the Intel Graphics driver version
The driver can be found at:

Don't install the Intel TXE driver, delivered on the CD with your NUC / Zbox.

People report this to be working on Celeron 2820 systems as well.

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scarecrow420 Offline
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That post is from November and since then Intel actually has released a driver which apparently works for bit streaming hd audio under Windows. There has been discussion on that in the last few weeks in this thread, though I am yet to try it myself it was reported to be working

pvr.wmc TV addon and ServerWMC Backend Development Team
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(2014-04-06 09:40)zorvalth Wrote:  Somebody experienced dual presses with harmony remote? I'm pretty sure I read something about that these days but cant find it now...

I'm also getting duel presses (or double press) on Menu or Exit mapped to ESC with the Harmony One + DN2820FYKH. Has anyone else experience this problem?
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scarecrow420 Offline
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It's very strange I have 2 x 2820 NUC's both setup identically (win 8.1) and both using harmony 700 remotes and 1 suffers from double press issue on most commands most of the time whilst the other one rarely/never gets double presses. I've swapped remotes between the 2 which confirmed its not a particular remote that's to blame.

I wonder if it could be environmental (eg getting reflections/interference with the ir signal) but I haven't tried swapping the actual NUC's between rooms

pvr.wmc TV addon and ServerWMC Backend Development Team
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