Intel NUC - Bay Trail (Celeron 4th Generation CPU) - DN2820FYKH

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(2015-04-27 14:44)pr0xZen Wrote:  
(2015-04-25 14:03)Haris1977 Wrote:  This is a "strange" issue i am having 5-6 days now..My setup:

Intel NUC Kit DN2820FYKH with Kingston KVR16LS11/4 (4 GB) Ram. In usb ports (back) i have attached:

1) Flirc controller (
2) TRANSCEND TS8GJF780 JETFLASH 780 8GB USB3.0 FLASH DRIVE BLACK (with OE 5.0.8 latest version).

I never had this problem but this "strange" one started when i ONLY did 2 things (and nothing else: havent touched my setup, havent removed anything):

1) Updated bios from 041 to 050
2) Updated Openelec from 5.0.7 to 5.0.8

Problem is that it wakes up on its own (usually the next day i have shut it down). So I got back to 041 bios (as the first idea that came to my mind was that the new bios was faulty). Problem persists with other bios too. Intel enginners answer was:

This looks like some kind of grounding or operating system related
issue, since the BIOS itself do not have a reason to turn on the system
on its own unless it is set on the BIOS to do so at a specific time, but
been a random issue, I do not think it is a BIOS issue.

The only thing remaining is OE version (5.0.8). Could it be my problem?? Anyone is experiencing the same behavior?Maybe bad bios?
Is it recieving an activaton signal from AVR or TV? Try disconnecting the HDMI cable at the NUC end after power off/sleep (whatever you use) and see if it happens. Not proposing this as a long-term solution, but it can be good to eliminate external factors early on in diagnosis.

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