Name of file beeing currently displayed by the multiimage control

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Hello Ronie,

I'm a big fan of Transparency. I have made small modifications to your skin, just get it closer to my liking...

One question I have: is there a way to get name of file beeing currently displayed by the multiimage control?

The feature I'm trying to achieve is to show the name of the fanart that appears on the home screen slideshows (Movies, TV Shows, Music). See examples:

[Image: screenshot004.png]

[Image: screenshot009.png]

[Image: screenshot006.png]

[Image: screenshot005.png]

For these screenshots, I have used fanart images that I watermarked manually (using Photoshop). It would be so much more elegant (and easier) if there would be a way to get the image's name directly from the multiimage control...

Any idea?

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nope, that ain't possible.

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