Android - resolution 1920x1080p?

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Pamme Offline
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Im new on this xbmc stuff so please be patient with my noobskills.
Im having problems finding a build for my android box "xtreamer multiconsole" with following spec:

(its basicly a minix neo x7)

I have tried to find a build where I can change the resolution in xbmc from 1280x720p to 1920x1080p. in the versions I have tried I am unable to change that.
In the versions I have tested its not possible to set the sound output to HDMI or spdif 5,1 only 2,0 and only "android audiotrack"

The device has optical out so the ability to change resolution is the biggest issue as I can connect via optical to my soundsystem if nothing else is working.

The device comes with xbmc preinstalled and in that version i can get 5,1 sound via hdmi, but not change resolution. its set to 1280x672p if I remember correct, but in the ios videosetting I can set it to 1920x1080p. Its only in xbmc it does not work.

anyone have any suggestions on what I can do or what I am doing wrong?

thanks in advance!

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sheepybach Offline
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Have you tried updating To Gotham Beta 1?
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It's not possible to change the resolution at the XBMC level in Android.
It has to be done in Android Settings (if the box allows it).

Note also that 90% of the boxes proposing 1920x1080 in their settings actually refer to the HDMI output only, where internally it's only 1280x720 that will be upscaled, and that is what will be reported by XBMC.
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Pamme Offline
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I have tried this on my samsung gt-i9300 and om my xtreamer multiconsole:


I could not change resolution from 1280x720p and same for sound, no HDMi or spdif options available. Only Android audiotrack.

Is that the same version that you refer to?


ok, then I could just go with the preinstalled version from Xtreamer, the sound work via hdmi, 5.1 works properly.

I hope i can manage to get the resolution to be 1280x720p then instead of 1280x672p (I think its the resolution wish was shown in xbmc when i checked last time)
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Pamme Offline
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Thanks for answers!

one thing, how come I can not change soundsettings?

fine, the resolution cant be changed in xbmc for android, 1280x720p works fine for me, but

if i want to use gotham beta1 I can not get 5.1 sound out from hdmi or spdif.

or am I doing something wrong? It seems like its stuck on android audiotrack 2.0

sorry, I meen I can not change from android audiotrack to HDMI or spdif out. I can change from 2.0 to 5.1 but i does not work.
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