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dquaid Offline
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(2015-02-11 08:21)hstegeman Wrote:  
(2015-02-01 03:41)dquaid Wrote:  
(2015-01-20 19:11)gate1975mlm Wrote:  FreeHDPorn does not seem to work any longer Sad

Works fine on 1.99

Don't you mean 1.799? I haven't seen videodevil 1.99.
Videodevil 1.799 is still giving lots of errors, perhaps you make use of a more up to date version of videodevil.
Yeh I meant 1.7.99

FreeHDPorn works mostly for me there are a few vids here and there that seem to be broken, I need to sit down and look into it.

As to other errors please file bugs on github
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xbmcusage Offline
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"Does anyone else using an Apple TV 2 with Gotham 13.0.0 Mar29.14 build Get the following issues:

Either when clicking on some sites ie Empflix, I get "Error running Video Devil. Reason: timestamp out of range for platform time_t"

I do have some working links ie Ah Me but at the start of the video selected, the video will be playing fine in the background, but a error pop up mid screen shows a "Remote Share, Could not connect to network server" which clears when "OK" is clicked and then the video continues to play with no issues. Its on all working videos, even if in the same site, for each new video, I will get this errors.

I will post a log when I can. Not a big deal but just wondering if there is an easy fix."

I have an atv1 with xbmc 13.2 and installed video devil...when i click on pornhub or on empflix i get the same errormessage :"Error running Video Devil. Reason: timestamp out of range for platform time_t"

but on my windows pc i dont get this errormessage. i dont know why its happening so please help me. i dont find anything on google.
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